Be A Tidy Kiwi

unifies us in our guardianship of what we love

About Be A Tidy Kiwi

Tidy Kiwi (TK) was born in the 1970s at a time when tossing your takeaways out the car window was the normal thing to do. Kiwis and tourists alike embraced TK - unifying all of us as kaitiaki (guardians) - and giving birth to New Zealand's clean green identity. TK has had several incarnations over the years,
but nothing definitive in over a decade.

The Auckland Litter Prevention Steering group was formed in 2013 to revitalise TK so that a new generation of New Zealanders can discover this iconic identity and come together to protect what we love. We're a collection of central and local government funders on a three year mission to bring TK back to life.

Will you helps us? We're getting close to choosing a new identity for TK and we'd like your opinion. Scroll down to take our survey, and join the team.

Take the survey

Our Tidy Kiwi survey is now closed! We've spoken to ~17,000 New Zealanders from around the country and we are sifting through all the data.

2016 Schools Survey

One of the most important groups to consult regarding Tidy Kiwi is children. In the first half of 2016, the ALPSG began to reach out to schools around the country with a postcard survey. The response has been both overwhelming and extremely gratifying. So far over 16,000 students from more than 115 schools are participating. Here is a taste of the responses:

“Being a tidy kiwi makes me feel grand. Also makes me feel extraordinary,”
- 10 year old girl, Te Kauwhata.

“Being a tidy kiwi means doing things like: Keeping the world tidy; Making sure you put rubbish in the bin; Picking up your rubbish and others if it's on the ground; Recycling,”
- 12 year old girl, Christchurch.

“Being a tidy kiwi makes me feel like the happiest, cleanest superhero who helps the environment,”
– 8 year old boy, Wellington.

“Being a tidy kiwi makes me feel like I’ve done a humongous thing to make the world a better place. It makes me feel proud,”
- 8 year old girl, Auckland.

For more information on how you might get your school involved in future outreach, drop us a line using the contact info below.

Contact us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our finalists, give us suggestions for new ways to stop people littering, or to just say hello!